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UFC 124 results: Stefan Struve stops Sean McCorkle in the first round


Sean McCorkle spent enough time talking to convince a few fans he had a legitimate chance to beat Stefan Struve.

Talk is cheap.

The "Skyscraper" made no bones about his dislike for the keyboard warrior standing across from him and once the bout got underway, it was clear what the gameplan was from both sides.

McCorkle immediately ducked under a few punches and landed a big takedown slam.

Turns out that was a bad decision.

"Big Sexy" may have snapped Mark Hunt's arm in his UFC debut, but when he locked on a Kimura in this one, Struve dug deep and fought his way out of it.

Not long after, he was looking for an armlock of his own and used it to scoot his hips and reverse McCorkle into full mount.

Guess what happened next?

Months of pent up aggression came out as the Dutchman rained down blows onto his helpless foe. Referee Yves Lavigne was forced to step in and call the fight and send McCorkle back to The Underground.

Both fighters were classy afterward, with Struve checking on his downed enemy and McCorkle showing nothing but respect in defeat.

Anyone want to play matchmaker for these two in 2011?

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