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UFC Quick Quote: Cain Velasquez will 'definitely stand up' with Junior dos Santos


That's what he claimed at a recent Q&A session (via ESPN).

"Dos Santos is the best striker in the UFC heavyweight division right now. But I expect to fight everywhere with him -- on the feet and wrestle with him on the ground. I expect to go all aspects of MMA with him. I've made improvements. I looked back at that fight [with Kongo] and saw my mistakes and said, 'I can't make those mistakes again in my next fight.' I do have confidence now that I can stand with anybody and just mix it up. I would definitely stand up with him and mix it up with punches and kicks. If the takedown's there, I'll take it, but I won't force it."

Although he acknowledges Junior dos Santos as the best striker in the 265-pound weight class, UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez has no problems trading punches with the Brazilian knockout king. Fans may remember Velasquez' fight against Cheick Kongo and assume "Cigano" can finish the job but the recently crowned "Baddest Man on the Planet" has other ideas. He knows he made mistakes that are unforgiven at the highest level of the sport. That said, is it a good idea to stand-and-bang with a man who has eight knockouts in 12 career victories? Are we already seeing the beginning of the end of the "Brown Pride" reign atop the heavyweight division?

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