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KJ Noons: 'Paul Daley is the black eye of MMA'


Props: MMA Weekly


"Of course he wants that, I beat Nick Diaz and everybody knows it. I beat Nick, that's why he wants to fight me. Of course it would be exciting to watch me knockout Paul Daley. Everybody would want to see that, but the thing is nobody wants to see Paul Daley. He's like the black eye of MMA, this guy's the leftovers of the UFC. I'm surprised Strikeforce even picked him up. He's trying to make his name so of course he's going to call somebody out that beat Nick Diaz. That's how he's trying to get his name out there."

Former EliteXC Champion KJ Noons unloads on Paul Daley for calling him out after his brutal knockout victory over Scott Smith. Not only does he downplay his impressive victory over "Hands of Steel," he also, without actually saying it, goes straight for the jugular -- the infamous Josh Koscheck incident. Noons goes on to say his target return date is "February or March." Would "Semtex" be the perfect opponent to welcome him back to the cage? Don't hold back on this one, Maniacs.

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