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Writer's Brock: Roy Nelson slams MMA media for 'taking shots at Brock Lesnar'


Props: Bloody Elbow


"Brock is getting slack for asking to fight me because people think he should get a rematch. I don't know if the powers that be want to see otherwise but it really just comes down to the MMA media wanting hits on their website by taking shots at Brock. You would never see anyone of these writers ask Brock to his face why he balls up when he gets punched just as you wouldn't see them asking me why I'm considered as a lackluster challenge for him. In a sense it's just like when Fedor lost. As soon as he was defeated here came the storm of how he is washed up and done for ... Dana White even did it. At the end of the day you are going to win some and lose some but the marker of a champion is how many times you can get back up. I think it's great that Brock wants to fight me. It would be a great matchup and I believe the fans want to see it so let's make it happen. I don't care if it is in the UFC or the WWE...let's just get down to it."

Sounds like "Big Country" has a big problem with the way the mixed martial arts media has been treating former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. While the ex-champ was panned for back-to-back performances that exposed him for not being able to take a punch, he apparently can't take a little criticism either by Nelson's account. The portly powerhouse doesn't think the media would dare make mention of Brock's turtle-tastic performances to his face, but that would be a near impossible task considering Lesnar spends 23 out of the 24 hours in a day camped out in the Minnesotan woods hunting wabbit. Maybe the meaty mat-technician is more upset that he might be perceived as the inferior opponent? Or is he just tired of every fighter's dirty laundry being used as chum for unique hits? Let's hear your take on Nelson's accusations fellow MMA maniacs.

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