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Vitor Belfort: Wanderlei Silva is 'just a spectator who wants to get attention for himself'


Props: Fighters Only


"I didn’t waste my time watching [Wanderlei's video blog]. It’s just a spectator’s opinion. Spectators can say whatever they want. He just wanted to get some attention for himself. I don’t take it seriously. I will use my best characteristic - that is trading hits, boxing. It’s going to be a great test to strike with him. This is my job, right? I’m training Muay Thai a lot with a world champion and my karate coach is coming next month. I’ll be ready when I get there, you can be sure."

Apparently UFC middleweight number one contender Vitor Belfort doesn't like Wanderlei Silva's comments that "The Phenom" will be "destroyed by Anderson Silva" at UFC 126 on February 5. Is the "The Axe Murderer" still bitter about being stopped by his fellow Brazilian in just 44 seconds more than a decade ago at UFC 17.5: "Ultimate Brazil?" Or does Belfort really stand no chance against "The Spider?" And win or lose, does anyone else want to see Wanderlei Silva vs. Vitor Belfort II in 2011?

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