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UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn 'isn't surprised by anything Matt Hughes does'


"I kind of just feel like I want to train, keep improving, keep adjusting. You know I tried some stuff in the Frankie Edgar fight. I didn't defend the takedowns as hard as I wanted to because I wanted to try a couple sweeps but I didn't have the condition(ing). It's always a wake-up call when you lose because you know you're going to alter something in your training, you know, something has to change in the training. I'm going to train pretty traditional. I'm going to do a lot of striking, a lot of grappling, I'm going to run hard and I'm going to do everything I need to do. I think Matt's looked good in his last three fights. ... Anything Matt Hughes does, doesn't surprise me."

Former Lightweight Champion BJ Penn reflects on his loss(es) to current Champion Frankie Edgar while also looking forward to his trilogy fight with Matt Hughes at UFC 123 on Nov. 20 (via Ultimate Insider). "The Prodigy" was looking to get back to fighting as fast as possible after consecutive defeats to the shifty but effective Edgar. Having lost two straight title fights, the natural thought process is usually to move up or down a weight class and that's exactly what the UFC decided was best, at least for now. Hughes has won three straight and couldn't be happier to settle the score with what should be a motivated Penn. Who ya got, Maniacs? Will the country boy Hughes continue a late career resurgence and make it four in a row? Or will "The Prodigy" give us a vintage performance in Michigan? Sound off.

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