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Nover and out: Former TUF finalist enjoying life as a 'normal person'




"With MMA, the stability just isn’t there like where I work now ... I lost and basically needed to get my life stabilized ... I needed to get a stable job and not have to wait every three or four months to get paid. I needed a job with insurance and a pension. Now I’m working, and I help doctors put catheters in people’s hearts. It’s a great job that I was looking to get for a while. I’ve also been getting involved in the coaching aspect of fighting, which has been a dream of mine ... My manager did call me, but he knows I’m taking time off right now ... I want to be a normal person for a little bit because fighting does take up a lot of your time."

Despite a very impressive run on the eighth season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Phillipe Nover was unable to find a win in three attempts inside the Octagon and was subsequently released from his UFC contract. Aside from the losses, there were a few behind the scenes shenanigans as well, including his fainting spell in the locker room at UFC Fight Night 19 back in 2009 that forced the cancellation of his undercard bout against Sam Stout. It wasn't the first time the Brooklyn nurse parted ways with his consciousness — he lost his legs on the very first episode of TUF 8. Now with his fighting career on hold, "The Filipino Assassin" has returned to the health care profession. But will his competitive drive eventually compel him to get back into the cage? Or has his fighting career flatlined?

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