Mike Swick hoping for 'Quick' recovery from throat procedure


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"It's hard to tell yet how effective it was. It's getting better, and I can already tell it's better than it was before, but I have to wait for the swelling to go down so I can see how much back to normal my throat really is. ... I've fought like this for the last four years, so I know I'm able to. It just comes down to, how healthy am I going to be able to get? Am I going to be 100%? Hopefully. But even if not, I can already tell I'm going to be better. Worst case, if it doesn't get any better and the medicine isn't helping at all, that fight [against Mitchell] might be determining whether I can even fight anymore. But I don't see that being an issue. After my last fight, that's what I was scared of. I actually had the thought that I wouldn't fight again. Being able to get this chance again, it's kind of like a rebirth."

UFC welterweight Mike Swick hopes a recent surgery to correct his esophageal issues will finally give him some relief from the spasms he's been experiencing for some time now. After being misdiagnosed with a stomach disorder that required him to follow a strict diet, Swick was forced to drop down to welterweight due to his inability to pack on the pounds. Once he figured out what his issues really were, he decided on a course of treatment, in this case surgery, that would get him back to normal as fast as possible. Although he accepted a fight with David Mitchell at "Fight for the Troops 2" on January 22, he acknowledges the procedure may not take in time to have him back at 100 percent by fight night. Now that he has his health in order, will the "Ultimate Fighter" alum make a "Quick" return to contention? Or will this be the final hurrah of his mostly successful MMA career? Have at it, Maniacs.

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