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Don't be dumb homie: Nick Diaz inspires 'Mayhem' Miller to raise awareness for Autism


Props: Fight Hype


"The latest is It's a brand new website to let everyone know that somebody is scared and it ain't me. He will not fight against me, but he will go up and do it against somebody else. Obviously Nick Diaz is not as dumb as he acts. I don't know...he makes me want to donate to an Asperger Autism Charity. He makes me want to raise awareness about Autism because something is off about him; maybe it's just all of the weed, I don't know."

Strikeforce middleweight Jason Miller continues his campaign to get Nick Diaz to step up and throw down to settle their longstanding score. While Diaz and "Mayhem" have always shared a mutual dislike, the situation boiled over in the "Nashville" brawl on CBS back in April. Will we ever see these two settle their feud? Or will the war of words continue well into 2011?

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