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'Rocky' road? Paul Daley aims to finish Scott Smith, avoid 'Hands of Steel' comeback


Props: MMA Weekly


"The dude knocks people out, a man after my own heart. He likes to go in there and leave people lying on the floor, receiving oxygen. It is going to be a great fight. I have trained hard. I expect it to be a short but exciting fight. He’s had some crazy fights where he comes back Rocky style, but I am very good at finishing fights. When I hit people they stay hit. Both of us are knockout punchers, so from my point of view there has to be some caution to the way I approach things compared to the way I approach a standard fight. There are some tactics that I have been working on because of Smith’s fighting style. I have been working everything, but I am slightly more cautious about working on other things when it comes to stand-up."

Former UFC welterweight and hard-hitting British banger Paul Daley plans on giving Scott Smith a rude welcome to the 170-pound division when they hook 'em up under the Strikeforce banner on Dec. 4 in St. Louis. "Hands of Steel" is known for his miraculous comebacks but "Semtex" doesn't plan on giving Smith the chance to play "Rocky" and expects a short but exciting fight. Let's hear it Maniacs, who gets the highlight reel KO in this one?

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