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UFC Quick Quote: Was Gerald Harris released because he 'wasn't being a team player?'


Jon Jones thinks that might be the case:

"That's absolutely insane. ... You know a lot of times when you get booted, I think it's because of guys not being team players. The UFC likes guys who show up on time, they're never late to their appearances, they don't give people in the offices a hard time, they don't give too much of a big fight when it comes to contract negotiations; they like guys who are team players. Maybe he wasn't being a team player. I mean, three knockouts and one loss and to get booted, there's definitely something more than performance. ... There's more to the story."

"Bones" speculates to MMA Scraps Radio that perhaps the abrupt release of middleweight Gerald Harris had more to do with the attitude of the "Hurricane" than his performance in the cage. Fans and pundits alike have expressed shock since news broke that the exhilarating former Ultimate Fighter contestant was let go by the UFC. Company President Dana White has expressed little in the way of an explanation and the natives are getting restless. The merger with the WEC has created a "dog-eat-dog" world as White called it and poor performances, or attitude apparently, will not be tolerated. Is Jones onto something here? Or is it time to let it go and let Harris work his way back into the world's premier organization? Sound off, Maniacs.

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