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Cole Konrad: Whoever thinks Brock Lesnar's training camp was flawed has 'no idea'


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"We fly in the best guys in all situations. I mean, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, submissions. We got the best guys there are, period, coming in and training with him and pushing him in each situation. So whoever says that, they obviously aren't in the gym, they have no idea. Unless you're there, you don't understand. We got a lot going on there. It wasn't because a lack of effort."

Bellator heavyweight champion and member of the Deathclutch gym, Cole Konrad, isn't too fond of critics blaming teammate Brock Lesnar's loss on a poor training camp. Lesnar lost steam quickly in his bout with new UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez in their title bout at UFC 121. Velasquez stunned Lesnar with an onslaught of strikes that eventually halted the contest in the first round. Sound off maniacs. Do you think switching camps would be best for the former UFC champion? Or are the criticisms of Deathclutch unwarranted?

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