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UFC Quick Quote: Is Dana White the Don King of MMA?


And does that make Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker the Bob Arum?

"Dana is kind of like the Don King. He's out there and he's out promoting his brand as well as the company brand and the fighter brand. I'm more of a very direct business man. The guy I really liked wasn't Don King. To me, it's okay being the Bob Arum. In a lot of Bob's early fights, you didn't even know who promoted the fights. The fights were amazing, they were great, and they were focused on the athlete. That's been my philosophy too. The stars of the show are in the cage ... Dana is Dana. He does a great job at doing what he does. It's okay to be the Bob Arum and put on these great fights, to put on these mega events. I think we've accomplished so much in these last 18 months. A lot of fans have to remember - Strikeforce on a national scale has been around since April 10, 2009. And the fights that we put on are right up there with any other league. We've done some big arena shows, we've done some million dollar gates. Outside of the UFC, I don't think anyone is doing that."

Coker dishes on his relationship with UFC President Dana White in a recent interview with Jonathan Snowden, and it's pretty clear that the King of San Jose prefers to keep himself behind the curtain during normal business hours. But has that also kept Strikeforce behind the curtain as well? Let's hear your take on Coker's analysis of White's role and how the two promotions stack up from a business perspective.

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