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Will the UFC split weight classes?


Not a chance, says UFC UK boss Marshall Zelaznik (via ESPN):

"I don't see it happening and I think Dana has his eye on the prize for why that would be a bad thing. When you add these lower weight belts, you're not running the risk of the boxing terrain, because you're not splitting weight classes to create new ones. We're just adding a few on the bottom. It would be a bigger concern if we had created a 195 weight class or something. What these new divisions do is give a platform to some of the most exciting lighter weight fighters in the world. It will bolster our fight cards. You look at some of these smaller fighters, Manny Gamburyan for instance, who was fighting in the UFC before he moved to the WEC. He moved to 145 from 155, but he could possibly even go lighter. All of the fighters will look at that."

The world's largest fight promotion won't cut its weight divisions to give more flexibility to fighters in fear of diluting the current title scene (ala Boxing). The UFC recently added a featherweight (145) and bantamweight (135) division and has plans to include a flyweight (125) class in the very near future. Does the promotion have enough talent to go around despite the aggressive roster cuts that are starting to thin the herd?

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