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Adrenaline Dump: Joe Lauzon blames 'concrete legs' for loss to George Sotiropoulos at UFC 123


"I figured the second round would be more like the first. But getting off the stool for the second round, my legs felt like concrete. I don't know why or what happened. I felt pretty good at the end of the first, but at the beginning of the second I felt dead. It was like I got worse. Instead of recovering, I got way worse. ... I'm not even sure. It had to be an adrenaline dump. I think I pushed a pretty good pace in the first round, but I didn't feel like it was something that would make me gassed. I felt good at the end of my first walking back to my corner. I was a little winded, but I was OK."

-- UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon takes the Shane Carwin defense in an interview with the Boston Herald and says he must have had an adrenaline dump against George Sotiropoulos at UFC 123 because there's no other explanation for his lack of energy heading into the second round. "J-Lau" was pushing the action in the opening frame and many felt he was winning the fight. Once he was forced to take a break for a minute though, he might as well have not even been in the Octagon. In the full article he goes on to say his losing to "Sots" by kimura was a "mental lapse" and he plans on addressing his cardio issues so they don't hinder him in future fights. Are you buying what Lauzon is selling? Can the spotty 155-pounder ever put it all together and make a run in the now loaded UFC lightweight division? Tell us what you think, Maniacs.

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