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Phil Davis will 'rip' your arm out but he doesn't want to 'see anybody hurt'




"On Twitter they're calling it ‘the Wonderbar' or ‘the Philmura.' It's kind of like a one-arm version of the Kimura and I love it. When I originally went for the Kimura, I knew he had rubbery arms. Most guys I train with tap as soon as I extend their arm pretty straight and he wasn't tapping, so I knew he was pretty rubbery. It sucks that I have to say this, but I knew I was going to have to rip it. He wasn't going to tap from just pressure. Man, I mean, he's too rubbery. His shoulders are so flexible. So I had to pull on it and kind of adjust it a little bit more than I wanted to. I don't wanna see anybody hurt. I want him to be able to go home and play with his wife and kids."

"Mr. Wonderful" Phil Davis lives up to his name and says he wants his opponents to retain their ability to play with their children after he's done with them -- but that won't stop him from taking a limb home with him if it means winning the fight. The heavily hyped light-heavyweight nearly did just that to veteran Tim Boetsch at UFC 123 with a modified kimura that his Twitter followers are dubbing the "Philmura" or the "Wonderbar." Which do you prefer, Maniacs? And who would you like to see the undefeated Davis take on next?

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