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For Paulo Thiago it's 'just one more chance' to 'kill or be killed'




"I think if I lose I'm out. I have to train all that has to be trained, going back over [my performances] to see what is going wrong. I am just training hard and waiting for my next fight, they still have not told me anything about my next fight. Now I am waiting to see who it is. Now it's kill or be killed, just one more chance."

Paulo Thiago knows he can't afford to lose another fight, despite the fact that he just recently signed a four fight contract with the UFC. He's now lost two in a row, to Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez respectively, and he patiently awaits his next chance to prove himself to the increasingly difficult to please Dana White. His fight with Sanchez earned him a hefty "Fight of the Night" bonus and no doubt aided in the decision to keep him around. There's been no word yet on who his next opponent is but it's widely speculated that it could be his last dance in the famed Octagon. Who would you like to see the Brazilian special forces officer take on next? If he loses, should he face the firing squad? Don't hold back, Maniacs.

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