‘Overtime’ Shonie Carter eyes wrestling career in the WWE


"I want to go to the WWE. I've talked to CM Punk about it. He works out at my gym. ...I'm coming to acknowledge the mid-life crisis that a lot of guys go through where they get a Corvette and a hot blonde girlfriend with big boobs. I've just decided to do the WWE. Overtime, that will be my name. Overtime, because I work hard. I put that hard hat on, I bring a lunchbox, and I punch in. If you get in that ring with me, you better punch in too, because you're going to be working overtime."

Former UFC and WEC welterweight Shonie Carter tells MMA Fighting that he wants in on the wrestling entertainment business. Carter has competed with the likes of Chris Lytle, Matt Serra and Pat Miletich, but after losing five straight bouts, "Mr. International" announced his retirement from MMA. The 38-year-old now wants to showcase his talents in a WWE ring. What do you think, Maniacs? Do you think "Overtime" can find success under Vince McMahon's empire? Or will Carter's WWE career fall flat?

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