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Ryan Bader: 'Jon Jones has destroyed some great wrestlers ... but every fight's different'


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"If he's coming in with a spinning back elbow, he has his back turned to you for a split-second there. That could be a double leg [takedown]. You know he's fought and destroyed some great wrestlers but every fight's different. There's a lot on the line this fight. Where as before, maybe he was going out there just trying to be exciting and win obviously, there's a lot on the line. Potentially a shot at the title later on down the round. That's what we both want, so we'll see. Maybe he'll come out the way he's been fighting, or maybe he'll come out a little more conservative, but I'm going to implement my game plan, worry about myself and what I've got to do, and go from there."

Top UFC light heavyweight prospect and undefeated TUF grad Ryan Bader knows that Jon Jones has just as much at stake as he does heading into their colossal clash at UFC 126 on Feb. 5 in Las Vegas. "Darth" isn't sure what to expect come fight night nor does he sound too concerned, instead focusing on what he needs to do to get one step closer to the 205-pound title. Can be break some "Bones" at the MGM Grand? Or will he be just another body thrown on the pile?

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