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UFC 123: Did the referees and judges 'kill' the action at 'Rampage vs Machida?'


Promotion President Dana White seems to think so...

"Dan Miragliotta is a super nice guy, but you don't just let two guys stare at each other. You start warning, ‘Fight!’, and then you start taking away points. The referee is in there for the safety of the fighters to enforce the rules and regulations. And one of the rules and regulations is when guys aren't fighting you make them fucking fight. If they don't fight, you take points away. Those are the rules. These referees and judges got to start reading the fucking rule books man. They really do. They're killing this thing."

White (via Heavy MMA) blasts the UFC 123 window shoppers who did more browsing than bruising, and even went so far as to tell the media that Maiquel Jose Falcao Goncalves' debut against Gerald Harris "sucked" because of the "Ultimate Staring Competition" in the third round of their middleweight fight. What say you? Is it time to resurrect the PRIDE "yellow card" system that penalizes fighters for extended periods of inactivity? Or should referees start taking points away for "timidity" when neither fighter wants to engage? Let's hear your take on White's assessment on this recurring problem.

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