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Rampage Jackson 'almost canceled' fight with Lyoto Machida at UFC 123




"Man, I was horse as hell. I couldn't even get my howl out the way I wanted to. It was rough. I'm just happy I made it to the fight. The fight was almost canceled a couple of days ago. I caught a fever from my son, and I was throwing up, and then I had to cut the weight. But I didn't want to let my fans down. We don't always see eye-to-eye, but [UFC president Dana White] has always been there for me. I just couldn't tell Dana that I was pulling out of this fight. He probably would have cussed me the f*ck out."

Quinton Jackson speaks on nearly pulling out of his UFC 123 main event contest against Lyoto Machida due to a fever he caught from his son. Whatever ailment he may have had certainly didn't make itself evident in the fight as he was the aggressor and never stopped walking down his elusive opponent. There may be a contingent of fans, including "Rampage" himself, that were surprised by the judges decision to award Jackson the victory but nevertheless he moves one step closer to a rematch with nemesis Rashad Evans or current Light-Heavyweight Champion "Shogun" Rua. Did Jackson's illness affect his performance against the "Dragon?" Would a rematch go any differently, whether he's healthy or not? Have at it, Maniacs.

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