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UFC 123 results: B.J. Penn destroys Matt Hughes


It took B.J. Penn just 21 seconds to definitively take the trilogy from Matt Hughes.

The "Prodigy" came out aggressive and wanted to exchange in the early going. Hughes didn't back down and decided to throw hands with the man who famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach called the greatest boxer in mixed martial arts.

Big mistake.

After catching an early kick from Hughes, Penn stayed after it and kept throwing big right hands. After the reset, the Hawaiian got to the punch quicker and landed a big overhand right directly on Hughes chin.

Hughes took a short nap shortly thereafter.

In fact, Hughes looked out before he even hit the ground, but Penn followed him down and landed a few big shots to completely put him away.

It took all of 21 seconds.

When asked by Rogan what he thought of the fight, Hughes simply stated that he was hit very hard and even thought it was a knee or a kick. He also said he's not sure where he will go from here.

It was a monster finish for Penn who was coming off two straight losses to UFC Lightweight Champion Frank Edgar.

Are we seeing the birth of an extended run at 170-pounds for Penn or did lightening simply strike twce?

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