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UFC 123 results: Phil Davis taps out Tim Boetsch


Phil Davis came into this fight with a bit of a bad reputation as a grinder who didn't finish fights.

No such problem here against Tim Boetsch.

The first round opened with both fighters throwing leg kicks and mixing in punches. Boetsch tried a cut kick takedown on Davis after catching a kick but Davis showed incredible balance to stay on his feet.

The athletic light-heavyweight decided he wanted to take the fight to the floor and once he did, he grabbed a body lock and slammed Boetsch down.

That's where "Mr. Wonderful" is in his world.

The second round was where he really did his work. Boetsch tried to snag Davis neck with a guillotine after Davis took him down but no dice and he ended up in a bad spot. 

"Mr. Wonderful" grabbed an arm, no different than the first fight of the night between Lauzon and Sotiropoulos, and worked a kimura. He couldn't quite get the tap with that but switched it up and with just one arm managed to make Boetsch tap to pick up the win.

Davis is now on ready for a much bigger step up in competition with yet another impressive win.

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