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UFC Quick Quote: 'Rampage' Jackson was 'saved' by the UFC


"I messed up at school -- until I found wrestling. Wrestling and the UFC have changed my life. The toughest people in the world -- the street punks who think they're tough, anyway -- are dead or in prison. If you are in prison, that's the same as being dead, I think. This sport saved me. I could have been dead. I've been shot at a few times. I love fighting -- but I got to be truthful, the paycheck is the only reason I do this sport. I couldn't make it in any other job. I kind of messed up my life. This is the only job I can have to basically do the things I do and look after my family -- my kids, my brothers and sisters and my mom and dad."

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson reflects on the life he has and the life he could have had if he hadn't discovered fighting. He also maintains his stance to that the only reason he's fighting is for the money it provides him. Will that have a negative impact on his fight tonight when he attempts to slay the "Dragon" Lyoto Machida in Michigan? Or is Jackson focused and primed to make another run at the light-heavyweight title? Let's hear it, Maniacs.

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