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Texas 'Stir Crazy' Horse: Where in the world is Heath Herring?




"There were a couple of times [since UFC 87] where the UFC wanted me to go overseas and do a fight for them, but it was tough. The UFC would do things like ask me to fight overseas but then only pay for one hotel room for me and my coaching staff. If I’m having to pay for hotel rooms, and they’re making as much money as they are on pay-per-views, it’s just not financially worthwhile for me to take that fight. I’m kind of in a weird deal with the UFC right now. Supposedly I’m free and clear, but the UFC is able to match any offer I get for a year. I’ve had some offers, but I’m not sure if the UFC would let me sign somewhere else ... I definitely miss fighting. I didn’t know anything else for 14 years, and everything I have comes from mixed martial arts. This isn’t what I’m used to doing. Sometimes it gets me down, but I’ve been in eight movies in about two years. It’s weird to not have a fight to look forward to, but I try to keep myself busy with work and have a goal to work towards. Still, sometimes it’s hard not to go stir crazy."

UFC and PRIDE veteran Heath Herring, who hasn't seen the inside of a cage since his unanimous decision loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 87: "Seek and Destroy" way back in August 2008, talks about making ends meet while he sorts through the complicated contract he has (had) with the world's largest fight promotion. "The Texas Crazy Horse" was scheduled to fight Cain Velasquez at UFC 99 in Germany but withdrew from the bout due to illness and hasn't been heard from since, keeping himself busy (and paid) in front of the camera. Will fans see his return to MMA in the near future? And if they do, can he be competitive at this stage of the sport's evolution?

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