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UFC 123: Matt Hughes will have fun, fun, fun (until Dana takes the division away)




"Cutting the pressure out has made it a lot more fun. All in all I’m just having a great experience when it comes to fighting. I’m going out there to win and to have fun as opposed to fighting not to lose. I changed my training camp up and got around more positive people. I also got a lot of support from my wife. Put it all together and it really cut the pressure. If Dana comes to me and says they want me to make a run at the title, then that's fine ... But the way I see it, I’m set. I’ve never been a guy to chase the record books. I’m just looking to have a good time and compete. When [my career is over], I’m sure I'll miss it. But when I retire, I don't think it'll be because I don't like competing. It will be because my heart and mind aren't in it."

Matt Hughes is ready to have "fun" against his Hawaiian nemesis when he tangles with BJ Penn for the third and likely final time at UFC 123 this Saturday night (Nov. 20) in Auburn Hills. Once considered two of the most dominant champions of yesteryear, both Hughes and Penn have lost some of their heat heading into "Motor City" now that the new generation of MMA stars have taken over their respective divisions. Is anyone picking Hughes? Let's hear any and all pro-farmboy predictions.

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