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Joe Lauzon: 'The ideal fight for me is for the entire fight to be a highlight'


And that shouldn't be a problem if "J-Lau" continues to perform like he did against Gabe Ruediger in Boston.

"I think I have the ability to hurt someone faster than anyone else, and that’s something that BJ Penn and the other coaches from The Ultimate Fighter told me. They weren’t super impressed with my grappling or my striking, but they said if I put my combinations together and was on target then I could hurt people faster than anyone else. I do have a wild style—we always joke that it’s controlled chaos—but because I’m always taking chances like that in training I have a good idea of what I have a good chance of getting when I go for it or whether I should just ignore it. I’m really good at making things up on the fly and adapting. Sometimes the risks outweigh the rewards, but if you train a low-percentage move enough, it becomes a high-percentage move, like my leg locks. I’m a fan first and foremost. I happen to be a fighter, but I can’t even tell you how many hours a day I used to watch hours and hours of fighter highlights, and those are the kinds of fights I want to have. The ideal fight for me is for the entire fight to be a highlight."

The hot-and-cold lightweight (via Tapology) looks to finally break through to the upper echelon of 155-pounders when he tangles with George Sotiropoulos at UFC 123 on Saturday night (Nov. 20) in Auburn Hills. Can Lauzon upset the grappling Aussie with another dominant performance? Or will the former computer geek have his offense crash at the hands of "Sots?" Predictions please.

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