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UFC 123: Matt Hughes has 'three fights on the line' against BJ Penn in Detroit


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"I'm going out there and having a good time. I just go out and have fun. I try to cut all the pressure away. I'm not going out there trying not to lose. I'm trying to win and having a good time. One more paycheck this year will make my wife happy and get her off my back. The way I feel is that if I lose this fight with BJ, it's like losing three fights. And if I win this fight, it's like wining three fights. It's the final of the trilogy. There's a lot on the line. Three fights are on the line for this 15 minutes BJ and I are going to do battle."

Matt Hughes is ready to put the entire history with his Hawaiian nemesis on the line as he prepares to take on BJ Penn for the third and likely final time at UFC 123 this Saturday (Nov. 20) in Auburn Hills. Once considered two of the most dominant champions of yesteryear, both Hughes and Penn have lost some of their heat heading into "Motor City" now that the new generation of MMA stars have taken over their respective divisions. What does a win do for either fighter at this stage of their careers? A loss? Let's hear your pick for Saturday night and the consequences of this fight in the welterweight division -- if any still exist.

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