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WEC 52: Urijah Faber reflects on 'scary' moment in submission win over Takeya Mizugaki




"I didn't realize he was out for so long. I knew he was going out because I could tell how deep it was. For the most part, I was choking him with one arm, which is how I beat Dominick Cruz, with one arm. I knew he was going out but I didn't realize it was that bad, he was stiffed up, it was kind of scary. I mean, you don't want to do that to somebody but I didn't realize either, I saw the time limit of 1:10 when I started choking him and I just knew I had to get it in there."

Urijah Faber, successful in his bantamweight debut at WEC 52 on Nov. 11 in Las Vegas, looks back on the rear naked choke that stiffened Takeya Mizugaki in the waning seconds of round one to give "The California Kid" his final win before merging with the UFC. Referee Josh Rosenthal came under fire for his uncharacteristically slow response in stopping the fight, but both Faber and WEC officials recognize the difficult angle involved in trying to determine Mizugaki's response. Do any Maniacs out there have a problem with the stoppage? Or does Mizugaki share most of the blame for refusing to tap? What's your take?

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