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Alan Belcher: Wanderlei Silva needs to fight me to stay a legit fighter and not just a legend selling PPV's


And Belcher tells MMA Fighting that he's got "The Talent" to beat him:

"I want to fight Wanderlei Silva. And I think he needs to fight someone like me, a top young guy, to really stay in the mix. He needs to do that to stay a legit fighter and not just a legend selling pay-per-views because he has a name. He has to fight me to stay up there. I feel I'm better than him. Wanderlei definitely poses a threat because he hits hard, is aggressive and has good conditioning, but at this point, I am more technical, well-rounded and I can beat him in any part of the game. I'm not saying it will be an easy fight, but I believe I can beat him and I'm ready to let the fans see what they want to see and prove that I'm that caliber. I want to make myself a legend off of this fight."

Anyone give Belcher, who's coming off a near career-ending eye surgery, a shot against "The Axe Murderer?"

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