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UFC 122: Will fans see the return of the 'mean' and 'aggressive' Nate Marquardt on Nov. 13?


According to his collection of sound bytes on, it could be another "Great" performance when the middleweight contender lands in Germany:

"I think I’ve always had that mean streak in me, and I kinda lost it there for a little while just because certain things changed in the way I was fighting. Then the loss to Anderson (Silva) gave me it back ... For a while, I was kinda fighting in order to not lose, and I had really good control of the fights – good wrestling, good boxing, good defense – but that finishing aggressiveness wasn’t there, and I put that back in. That’s something I had in the past, and I continued to work on skill, technique and stuff, and I got better in all areas, but that’s what’s made the biggest difference, just because I kinda left it out for a while."

Nate Marquardt wants the 185-pound title and a rematch against Anderson Silva, but he may not get there if Yushin Okami has anything to say about it when they collide at UFC 122 on Nov. 13 in Germany. And will the winner of Marquardt vs. Okami face "The Spider?" Or Vitor Belfort -- who also tries to do what no other UFC middleweight could on Feb. 5? Prepare for a lot of questions to be answered in this division by mid-2011.

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