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Scott Coker: 'I believe Gina Carano will fight in 2011'




"I know Gina is not going to go out the way that it went down. Her whole thing now is just timing and scheduling. She’s got the movie coming out in April, I believe, and she’s got some more stuff on her plate ... I know, just like Cung [Le] or other people that have [been] part of the film business … they’re still a fighter by heart, believe me, and they have that desire to compete. I think Gina will be the same. It’s just a matter of time. I believe she will fight in 2011."

According to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, female fighting sensation Gina Carano won't let a TKO drubbing at the hands of "Cyborg" Santos be her last impression on fight fans. The former face of women's MMA will chop-socky her way onto the big screen courtesy of director Steven Soderbergh in Spring 2011 as a "Knockout," and perhaps get her hands dirty inside the cage one more time before the glitz and glamor of Hollywood take her for good. Will "Conviction" return to a hero's welcome? Or has some of her star power started to fade after her lengthy absence?

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