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Michael Bisping: 'Wanderlei Silva knows deep down inside his soul that I beat him'


"I mean, I had a [loss] to Dan Henderson last year, you know, I made some mistakes. And, in hindsight, that was the best thing to ever happen to me. It made me go away and work hard on (finding) mistakes I was making. But other than the Dan Henderson fight, other than the bullshit decision to Wanderlei Silva, I don’t think I’ve lost any of the fights at middleweight. I got beat by Dan Henderson, and that’s it. You know, I feel I won the fight against Wanderlei, and other than Dan Henderson, I’ve never been beat at middleweight ... I’d love to avenge the loss to Wanderlei. I feel I beat him on that night, and I’d love to fight him again ... You know, I mean, Wanderlei asked for the rematch. I think if he wants a rematch, that’s because he knows deep down inside his soul that I beat him. I didn’t have a mark on me that night, and his face was quite totally messed up."

Heading into his Oct. 16 main event against Yoshihiro Akiyama, Michael Bisping talks to the press during the UFC 120 pre-fight press conference about his "bullshit" decision loss to Wanderlei Silva. The Wolfslair product nearly succumbed to the Brazilian on two separate occasions at UFC 110 when "The Axe Murderer" strangled the TUF star with a punishing guillotine to close out the second round and then again had a stoppage within reach after dropping the Brit in the waning seconds of the fight. Both times Bisping was saved by the bell but really didn't see any part of the fight that he didn't control outside of those two isolated incidents. Any fight fans out there siding with "The Count?"

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