UFC results and LIVE fight coverage for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12 Finale on Dec. 4 in Las Vegas


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12 Finale is scheduled to take place tonight (Sat., Dec. 4, 2010), from the "Pearl" at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It will air LIVE on Spike TV, beginning with the televised main card at 9 p.m. ET. will deliver LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of TUF 12 Finale below. In addition, up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action will begin to flow much earlier on fight night.

TUF 12 Finale will feature a showdown between the top two finalists from the Spike TV reality show, as well as a light heavyweight war featuring "The American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar taking on Croatian crusher Igor Pokrajac. Grappling gurus Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove and Demian Maia are also poised to do battle, as well as gritty welterweight bangers Ricky "Horror" Story and Johny Hendricks.

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Without further delay, see below for the latest TUF 12 Finale results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.


Stephan Bonnar defeats Igor Pokrajac via Unanimous Decision
Jonathan Brookins defeats Michael Johnson via Unanimous Decision
Demian Maia defeats Kendall Grove via Unanimous Decision
Ricky Story defeats Johny Hendricks via Unanimous Decision
Leonard Garcia defeats Nam Phan via Split Decision
Dave Branch defeats Rich Attonito via unanimous decision
Pablo Garza defeats Fredson Paixao via knockout (strikes) in round one
Nick Pace defeats Will Campuzano via submission (choke) in round three
Cody McKenzie defeats Aaron Wilkinson via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
Ian Loveland defeats Tyler Toner via unanimous decision
Kyle Watson defeats Sako Chivitchian via unanimous decision

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Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac (205-pound limit)

Round one: Pokrajac attacks right off the bat and lands a good double right. Bonnar ties him up and is now landing some good body shots. Bonnar drags him down and lands a great right. Bonnar now on top into side control. Pokrajac now gives up his back and Bonnar is looking to take the back but looses position. Pokrajac now to his feet and their tied up against the cage with Pokrajac in the dominant position. Leg kick from Pokrajac. Pokrajac comes forward with a good combo. Bonnar now goes for a guillotine! Pokrajac now slips out. Bonnar still on top but in side control. Bonnar postures up but misses with all of his strikes and now jumps into half guard. Scramble and Bonnar back into side control. Bonnar with good elbows to the ribs. Bonnar now working the back. Thats the end of the round and Bonnar controlled that round with his ground game. 10-9 Bonnar.

Round two: Pokrajac with a combo and counter left from Bonnar. Bonnar with a good knee from the clinch. Nice knee to the body from Pokrajac, Bonnar is now teeing off with HUGE knees from the clinch. Pokrajac now has Bonnar with his back against the cage. Bonnar with a judo throw take down and is now in side control. Bonnar peppering in some punches from side control. Bonnar has the back and Pokrajac scrambles to his feet. Pokrajac charges in with strikes. Bonnar now landing some good knees and elbows from the Thai clinch. Nice knee from Pokrajac. Good elbows from both men. Pokrajac with a good right and Bonnar lands a good counter and Pokrajac now lands some HARD blows and Bonnar grabs a hold of him to avoid any more damage. Good uppercut and elbow from Bonnar from the clinch. Good round and Bonnar should take that one also for his ground game and strikes from the clinch. 10-9 Bonnar. **Pokrajac lost a point in between rounds for an illegal knee to a downed opponent. Bonnar 10-8**

Round three: Pokrajac lost 1pt from the last round for illegal knees while both men were on the ground. It lead to a cut on Bonnar's head. Bonnar now jumps back onto Pokrajac and drags him down again. Pokrajac has full guard. Bonnar now with some good elbows and peppering in some punches. Up kick from Pokrajac lands flush. Bonnar postures up and lands a good punch. Bonnar now working to get into the full mount. Bonnar with good body shots and ground and pound. Bonnar passes to side control and now Pokrajac gives up his back. Bonnar looking for hooks and Pokrajac reverses position. Bonnar now srambles and is into side control again. Bonnar in a dominant position. He is working to get to the mount from half guard. Bonnar to side control. Bonnar looses a point due to punches to the back of the head right at the end of the round. So this will be a 9-9 round. Bonnar should still win this fight. Remember Pokrajac lost a point in round 2 for an illegal knee in a round he was beaten by Bonnar.

Final result: Stephan Bonnar defeats Igor Pokrajac via Unanimous Decision


Jonathan Brookins vs. Michael Johnson (155-pound limit)

Round one: Nice left hook from Johnson. Johnson with a good ocmbo. Nice counter left and right from Brookins. Brookins ducks under and grabs a single leg. Brookins working the single very hard and Johnson with good defense thus far. Johnson works his way out of the tie up. Nice combo from Johnson. Johnson with a big left. Johnson lands a big left hook and drops Brookins!!! Johnson pounces and is landing blows their back to the feet and Johnson lands a big knee. Johnson now lands another big left and lands another HUGE knee. Brookins is hurt bad. Johnson now in north south position on the ground. Their back to the feet. HUGE uppercut and left hook from Johnson. Brookins is leaving his chin high and hands down and it is costing him big time. Their tied up against the cage and Johnson lands a uppercut. They break now. Nice leg kick from Johnson. Brookins shoots and Johnson sprawls out. Brookins almost has the back but Johnson with amazing defense. Left hook from Brookins. Nice uppercut from Brookins. Good combo from Johnson. Thats the bell and Johnson is dominating on the feet and landing powerful shots. If Brookins cannot find a way to get this to the ground then he is in big trouble. 10-9 Johnson.

Round two: Nice left from Johnson. Brookins scrambles big time and is now on top of Johnson!!! Nice ground and pound from Brookins!! Half guard for Johnson. Brookins looking to pass. Nice punch from Brookins. Good elbow from Brookins. Another good elbow from Brookins. Nice right from Brookins. Brookins still in half guard. Elbow from Brookins. Brookins working hard elbows from half guard. Brookins is pounding away with elbows. Good punches from the top from Brookins. Johnson looks extremely out of his comfort zone on the bottom. Great punches from Brookins. Johnson scrambles to his feet but Brookins is holding onto a single. Nice elbows from Johnson now that are landing hard. Brookins is still holding onto that single. HUGE high single leg slam from Brookins!!! Nice elbows from Brookins. Brookins working on a kimura. Nice body shots from Brookins. Thats the round and a complete 180 in the fight. Brookins dominated that round on the ground and had amazing ground and pound throughout. 10-9 Brookins.

Round three: Johnson with swelling under his right eye from those vicious elbows. Huge uppercut left hook combo from Johnson. Brookins grabs a hold of a single now to avoid the striking. Brookins slowly dragging Johnson to the mat. Brookins gets the take down. Johnson looking to walk the cage. Brookins desperately looking to keep Johnson on the mat. Brookins wont let go of the double. Johnson taking big breathes now and he could be gassing a little. Brookins now sneaks his way into a full mount but it is with Johnson's back against the cage. Johnson scrambles and reverses. Back to the feet and Johnson lands a BIG left hook. Brookins now drops under and gets another take down. Johnson with half guard. Brookins with shots to the body. Good elbows from Brookins. Good right from Brookins. Brookins with good elbows. Nice punches and body shots from Brookins. Brookins posturing up and landing good blows. Great punches from Brookins. Thats the end of the round, and Johnathan Brookins will be the next ultimate fighter. Johnson was dominating on the feet and had Brookins almost out a number of times, but once Brookins took this fight to the ground he dominated and landed some great shots with his ground and pound. Great fight and both these kids are going to be hanging around the UFC for quite some time. 10-9 Brookins.

Final result: Johnathan Brookins defeats Micheal Johnson via Unanimous Decision


Kendall Grove vs. Demian Maia (185-pound limit)

Round one: Grove hauls off with a left hook. Nice left from Maia. Maia with another solid left. Grove with a good straight right. Nice straight right and left hook combo from Grove. Good right from Grove forces Maia to go for a leg and he gets the take down. Maia passes right into half guard. Grove up to his feet briefly, but dragged back down. Grove back to his feet again. Maia has the back right now on the feet. Maia with a hook in, but Grove scrapes him off with the cage. Maia working a single and gets another take down. Half guard for Grove. Maia with the full mount! Grove giving up his back right now. Maia working hammer fists. Grove with a good scramble and he is back into half guard. Big left from Maia and now he is throwing some good punches. Grove rolls out briefly but Maia grabs the back and is going for a choke. Thats the bell and Maia controlled that round. 10-9 Maia.

Round two: Jab from Grove. Leg kick from Grove and Maia shoots for a leg but misses. Big left hook from Grove hurts Maia. Uppercut from Grove. Maia with a quick shot and gets a double leg take down. Maia in half guard. Good hammer fists from Maia. Grove uses a sweep to scramble back to his feet, Maia dives right back in for a take down. Grove defending. Maia gets the take down. Grove working to hold onto full guard. Maia looking to pass. Grove pushes off Maia with his feet and lands a good up kick. Maia jumps right onto the back now and has both hooks. Maia with good punches from behind. Thats the bell and Maia is up 2 round to none. 10-9 Maia.

Round three: Grove hesitant to throw strikes now that he has been taken down numerous times. Good left from Maia. Good right from Grove. Another sharp straight right from Grove. Jab from Grove. Left hook from Grove. Good left from Maia. Right from Maia. Left from Maia. Nice left from Maia. Maia shoots for a single and is going for another take down. Grove with a knee. Thats the bell and the 3rd round had little to no action. Maia should win the fight for his ground work. 10-9 Grove, Maia will take the fight though.

Final result: Demian Maia defeats Kendall Grove via Unanimous Decision


Ricky Story vs. Johny Hendricks (170-pound limit)

Round one: Both men miss with some hooks. Hendricks clips Story with a left. Hendricks ties up Story briefly. Nice body shots from Story. Jab from Hendricks. Left from Story. Story is throwing some good combos. Inside leg kick from Story. Leg kick from Story. Hendricks with a leg kick. Both men tie up and are now throwing body shots. Story gets the best of the body shots. Story fires off a good combo. Body kick and combo from Story. Hendricks with a good counter left. Leg kick from Story. Nice one two combo from Hendricks. Hendricks catches a body kick and gets a take down. Story to his feet at the bell. Very close round, Story is the more agressive man and getting the best of the stand up but Hendricks might have stole the round with the late take down. Ill lean 10-9 Hendricks.

Round two: Left from Hendricks. Nice combo from Hendricks. Story now drives and lands a good combo up top and then another great combo to the body. Story with a take down!! Hendricks walks the cage to his feet. Story jumps the back and Hendricks is back to the mat. Hendricks scrambles out and now has north south position. Thier back to the feet and Hendricks lands a good knee. Both men tied up against the cage, good knee from Story. Hendricks looking to suck up a single a get a take down. Story briefly is down, and now their back to the feet. Nice right then a take down from Story. Butterfly guard for Hendricks. Hendricks back to his feet and nice knees to the thigh from Story. They break and Story lands a so-so combo to close out the round. Another close round but this one goes to Story. 10-9 Story.

Round three: Hendricks shoots in but Story with solid defense. Hendricks keeps pushing and gets the take down. Story works his way to his feet. Story now has a guillotine locked in and is going for a finish. Hendricks slips out. Story on top sprawling out right now. Hendricks looking for a single. Story using a kimura as a defense against the take down. We are still in this stalemate of a position with Hendricks holding onto a single leg for dear life. Hendricks now using a front head lock to control position. Hendricks still trying to finish this take down. He gets Story down for a second but cannot hold him down. Story walks the cage. Hendricks gets another take down but cannot advance position. That round was one long stalemate, but Hendricks was in the dominant position throughout. 10-9 Hendricks in what was a un-eventful fight.

Final result: Rick Story defeats Johnny Hendricks via Unanimous Decision


Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan (145-pound limit)

Round one:Right from Garcia. Phan charges in and lands a BIG right and then a sharp left hook. Both men throw wildly for a minute. Leg kick from Garcia. Jab from Garcia. Jab from Garcia again. Body kick from Phan smacks on Garcias gut. Body kick from Garcia now. Phan with a great combo and lands HARD. Left to the body from Phan. Leg kick from Phan. Left hook from Garcia. Inside leg kick from Phan. Inside leg kick from Phan and then a sharp left to the body from Phan. Jab from Phan. Another jab from Phan. Jab from Garcia. Right and left to the body from Phan and then a big head kick from Phan. Another big head kick from Phan and Garcia waves him arms and he wants more. Another great body shot from Phan and a head kick from Phan. Nice left from Phan. Thats the bell, Phan controlled that round with combos and very powerful shots to the body and head with kicks. 10-9 Phan.

Round two: Nice switch kick from Garcia. Nice left from Garcia left ot the body from Garcia now. Big right from Garcia. Double jab from Phan. Jab from Garcia. Nice head kick from Phan. Leg kick from Garcia. Nice right then left from Phan. Jab from Phan. Nice uppercut from Phan. Garcia shoots and gets a double leg take down. Phan walking up the cage. He is up. Body shot from Phan. Nice ocmbo from Phan and now Phan is throwing BOMBS!! Phan lands some serious punches and Garcia is hurt bad!!! Side kick drops Garcia and now Phan is on top and dropping some BOMBS! Phan unleashed some serious striking there. Phan takes the back and has his hooks in now. Phan looking to finish. Garcia trying to control the wrists. Phan almost has a rear naked, but Garcia slips out. That is the bell and Garcia survives the round after almost being KO'd by Phan. Phan dominated that round, 10-9 Phan.

Round three: Garcia needs a stoppage. Jab from Garcia and a right. Jab from Garcia. Nice left from Garcia. Body kick from Garcia. Phan is cut on his forehead. Garcia shoots and gets a double leg take down. Phan walks up the cage and is up. BIG body shot from Phan and then a head kick from Phan. Jab from Phan. Garcia is throwing wild shots but not landing any of them. Garcia shoots and Phan sprawls out. Nice body shot and uppercut combo from Phan. Overhand right from Phan. Right from Phan. Jab from Phan. Phan with a combo. Nice uppercut from Phan, knee to the body from Garcia. Body kick from Garcia. Nice body shot uppercut combo from Phan. Garcia is gassed. You can hear Garcia breathing he is so gassed. Big uppercut from Phan. Nice combo to the stomach from Phan. Garcia cut above his right eye. Right from Phan at the bell. Good fight overall, but Phan just controlled the action on the feet. 10-9 Phan and he will be 1-0 in the Octagon.

Final result: Leonard Garcia defeats Nam Phan via Split Decision


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