Carlos Condit: George St. Pierre 'plays it safe'


Props: TapouT Radio (via Fighters Only)


"A fight with me and Fitch would definitely make sense and a fight with GSP would be a huge opportunity for me, I definitely wouldn’t turn it down. Georges St. Pierre didn’t have the same gameplan against Dan Hardy that I did. Like you guys say he is playing it safe these days and that is his prerogative, but I come to finish no matter who it is."

Top welterweight contender Carlos Condit apparently doesn't mind fighting his Greg Jackson partner, welterweight champion George St. Pierre if the opportunity presented itself. He also believes the champ would rather play it safe than risk it all, a contrast to the style of the "Natural Born Killer." Condit leapfrogged the welterweight division with his stunning first round knockout of Dan Hardy at UFC 120. Is there tension brewing between the Greg Jackson fighters? Or is Condit just being honest?

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