UFC Quick Quote: Are teammates not fighting because one guy is scared of the other?


According to UFC President Dana White, that may be the case:

"The bottom line is, and the way that that's been in the UFC, it's been a camp thing. You'll find a couple of camps that are saying, 'oh no this guy's my friend, I'm not fighting him.' What? This isn't personal, this isn't, 'oh I hate him, I'm going to fight him.' You train, you work hard to be the best mixed martial artist you can be, and you're going out to compete against other mixed martial artists to prove you're the best. Me personally, what I think, is when one guy says, 'oh he's my friend I won't fight him,' that means I train with this guy and this guy's probably going to kick my ass. That's what I get out of that. I'm not confident enough to fight this guy."

The Zuffa boss was on the Jim Rome show (via MMA Weekly) talking teammates and not surprisingly, he's trying the psychological approach to perhaps goad some stubborn camps into throwing down. Now all he needs is the media to play their part in his scheme at the next press conference. "Excuse me, this question is for Mr. Koscheck. Dana White said you might be afraid to fight Jon Fitch? Your response to that?"

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