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Roy Nelson: I'm paving the road for all the fat guys out there


Props: Cagewriter


"It's entertainment. It's style. Kimbo [Slice] has his style. I have my style. I'm paving the road for all the fat guys out there. Gina Carano did it for the women of MMA and I'm doing it for the fat people who are in shape. After I beat Kimbo a lot of people complained. I'm the fat guy so it doesn't really matter. It's just easier to shut critics up. They're not the ones stepping into the cage. I'm the official UFC suckmeter. If you can't get past me,  you'll get that call from [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva saying you can't fight no more."

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 10 winner Roy Nelson embraces his success -- as well as his physique after knocking out Brendan Schaub at the TUF 10 Finale on Dec. 7 in Las Vegas. "Big Country" breezed through the competition but came under fire for his dreaded pot-belly crucifix that felled Kimbo Slice on Episode 3 of the Spike TV reality show. Now that Nelson has forced his way into the UFC spotlight, does Joe Silva feed him to the lions? Or will he get a chance to grow into a viable contender like winners of season's past? Thoughts?

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