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UFC Quick Quote: Kimbo Slice already knew he was going to slam Houston Alexander


"I guess the first round we were feeling each other out. Neither one of us wanted to foolishly rush in. Every fighter's got a puncher's chance, so I guess neither one of us wanted to take that chance of getting KOed in the first round. Knowing that I cut weight I knew that I was a little bit stronger than he was because he's normally a light heavyweight and I'm normally a heavyweight. I knew within the fight that I was gonna get a slam, I just wanted to wait until the right time and capitalize on a good one. On the inside I actually feel good -- it's the outside, I took some good kicks to the shin. We practiced checking them, but in the fight, with the adrenaline flowing, you can take a good 7-8 kicks before they start taking their toll and you say 'Oh yeah, check, I can check them,' but by that time the kicks had taken their toll a little bit."

-- Former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 contestant Kimbo Slice talks to the UFC about his scrap with Houston Alexander during TUF 10 Finale from "The Pearl" at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec. 5. Slice and Alexander were expected to deliver a striking bonanza; however, "The Assassin" made it difficult for the YouTube star to catch him with his constant Merry-Go-Round defense. Still, the fight did have its moments, especially when Alexander went for a ride on the Slice train after Kimbo suplexed him in the second round. Now that Slice has a win in his UFC debut, it's probably only a matter of time before we see him again. But against who?

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