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MMA Quick Quote: UFC matchmaker Joe Silva takes one for the team


"This is so bad, Joe Silva blew out his MCL. It's so bad the matchmaker is down. I don't know how, but he blew it. He's got to have surgery."

UFC President Dana White is stupefied by promotion matchmaker Joe Silva and his blown MCL, who puts the icing on the UFC 108 cake with his bum leg. "Evans vs. Silva" just recently added Steve Cantwell on a very long list of injuries and changes that have plagued the upcoming fight card since its inception. While the Jan. 2 event has suffered from the injury setbacks, it does make upcoming shows look that much sweeter. UFC 110 and 111 are already shaping up to be outstanding cards, brimming with top talent and title implications. Will you skip Saturday's event and hold out for a future card? Or is there enough coming up to make "Evans vs Silva" a must-buy?

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