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Matt Mitrione plans on showing Marcus Jones 'The Darkness' on Dec. 5



"My focus has been on submission and takedown defense, not lunging into my straight left and keeping the tempo of the fight in mind. Knowing the tempo makes me very dangerous. I train to be (a) champion. I made plenty of mistakes and have made strides from my last fight. I'm looking forward to making things happen on Saturday. It'll be an emotion-filled fight. He's going to close the distance on me and I'm going to punch him really hard in the face when he tries."

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle, Matt Mitrione, plans on giving Marcus "Big Baby" Jones something to cry about when they meet at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale this Saturday (Dec. 5) live from "The Pearl" at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Meathead" sent Jones into a tailspin after an inadvertent eye poke forced Jones-buddy Scott Junk into eye surgery. While no punches were thrown, the incident -- coupled with some less-than-flattering text messages about the big man's chin -- irked Jones to the point of retribution. Will he get it? Or will the hard-hitting Mitrione send him into retirement?

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