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UFC Quick Quote: Houston Alexander would make a great babysitter


"My jiu-jitsu has gotten a lot better. My grappling has gotten a lot better. I want to be a complete MMA fighter. When your kids come to wake you up and you start choking out your kids, that's when you know you have it right."

Aging super-slugger Houston Alexander talks to "Inside The Ultimate Fighter" about his Dec. 5 showdown against TUF 10 contestant and former Elite XC star Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson. Despite his devastating knockout power that put both Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara on queer street, "The Assassin" has been railed for his inability to defend himself on the ground, making him Octagon chum for any fighter with serviceable grappling skills. So too, has Slice been criticized for leaving the mixed out of his martial arts. While everyone expects a stand-up battle with a quick finish, Alexander cautions that he's been diligently working his jiu-jitsu and will enter the cage this Saturday night a more complete fighter. Just ask his kids -- assuming they've regained consciousness.

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