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MMA Quick Quote: Herschel Walker fighting for unemployed husbands and housewives nationwide on Jan. 30


"I'm honored that Strikeforce and Scott Coker would give me this opportunity because a lot of people don't think a 47-year-old athlete can do this, but I told them I'm not your average athlete but at the same time I don't want to embarrass this sport. I think Dana (White) is just upset that he's not the only show in town. I think it's sad that he would say things [about me] when he doesn't even know me. I reckon everyone has a right to their opinion, but at the same time no one ever wanted to challenge me. I want to prove to all the 47-year-olds that if you get out of work you can do anything. To all the housewives and the husbands sitting on the couch saying they can't do anything, I want to prove that they can -- they just gotta get up and do it."

Recent Strikeforce acquisition and former NFL great Herschel Walker tells that he's ready to prove that age ain't nothin' but a number when he debuts for the San Jose-based promotion in January 2010 in Sunrise, FL. Walker, a Taekwondo black belt, maintains his athleticism will propel him to great heights -- along with the 25-year-old personality he keeps on standby to take care of his dirty work. The 47-year-old former running back certainly sounds sincere, but is he headed for disaster when he finally steps into the cage? And does anyone want to take a stab in the comments section on who his first opponent will be?

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