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NSAC denies Jon Jones appeal to reverse Dec. 5 DQ loss to Matt Hamill


The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) on Monday denied a formal request from UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones to overturn his disqualification loss to Matt Hamill at the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale in Las Vegas back on Dec. 5, according to

"The Hammer" was completely obliterated on the ground, perhaps mere seconds away from a technical knockout until Jones rained down a few 12-6 elbows that caused referee Steve Mazzagatti to halt the contest. After Hamill could not continue and instant replay was utilized, Jones was disqualified for the illegal elbows.

"Bones" and Co. argued that Mazzagatti's ruling was inconsistent with the injuries that prevented Hamill from continuing. The former TUF 3 contestant was not evaluated by a physician prior to the ruling and later pointed to a shoulder injury as the beginning of the end.

More from the Jones camp:

"Nobody wants to lose. [Jones] knows he put on a good performance. We talked with him about the protest, and he was for it. He just wanted things looked at, whether it was overturned or not. He’s fine with everything." We had some good points," Ciotoli said. "Nothing against them. We just wanted them to review it. Everybody makes mistakes, and you’ve got to take a look at those mistakes. To not do that is wrong. It’s unfortunate they didn’t even look anything over, but we kind of knew that going in. If they did decide to look at it and overturn the decision, it would not make them look weak."

The NSAC has not commented on their decision to reject Jones' appeal but Hamill himself has gone on record stating that he "definitely" did not win the match and Jones "definitely" didn't lose it.

The NSAC does not concur.

Do you?

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