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Dana White ready to bring the excitement of big fights back to Boston



"Boston's got a big chip on its shoulder. It's a place that says, 'We're the best and we're gonna kick everybody's ass.' It's got that whole fighting vibe to it and I love it. Boston has a great history as a fight town, but boxing has fizzled out from where it was. I'm going to bring the fight game back to Boston. I'm going to bring back the excitement of big fights, the energy of it. Everybody's always telling me, 'Hey, I bet you can't wait till you can bring the UFC to Madison Square Garden. No, I want the [expletive] Boston Garden, OK? One of the things I love about a Boston show is that you're not just pulling people from Massachusetts, you're pulling people from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, even New Jersey and New York. We're going to blow people away with how many fans come."

UFC President Dana White is ready to return home to Boston -- complete with his MMA empire and rabid fan base. The state of Massachusetts recently approved a bill to afford regulation for the sport of mixed martial arts and the Zuffa brass wasted no time in lining up an August 28 date at the TD BankNorth Garden for their Beantown debut. White also promised the show to end all shows. If that's the case, what can we expect for the August mega-event? Fan Expo? Five title fights? The return of Brock Lesnar? Let the speculation begin...

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