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Dear idiots: King Mo is doing you a (expletive) favor

Props: MMA Fanhouse


"Someone told me, 'You got fined.' I was like what? Fined by who? I told Strikeforce. I figured that everybody knew. I think it probably had to do with the huge uproar because everybody was like, 'Mo's unsportsmanlike,' and their corny a** bulls***. They don't want to see me have fun and what not. They think this is the NFL. I'm not sponsored by Rockstar. The thing is, I couldn't have any other beverage in the ring. If I could have, I would have had Pepsi. But Rockstar is cool, they are the sponsor for Strikeforce, I have a lot of respect for Strikeforce so I just did it. Why not? I was just out there having fun. I didn't splash the mat with the drink. The drink exploded when I opened it because someone shook it up. As far as people saying, 'Yeah, Mo got the mat slippery on purpose.' Let me telling you something, you idiots: the canvas is slippery anyway. If I get Rockstar on the mat and it dries up, I'm doing them a f***ing favor, you know what I'm saying? It irritates me when people run their mouths and sh**. They always say the dumbest sh** ever and they don't know sh** about what's going on."

Recent Strikeforce acquisition Muhammed Lawal is baffled by the hoopla surrounding his post-fight energy drink mishap that hosed down the floor of the cage following his Dec. 19 TKO win over Mike Whitehad at Strikeforce: "Evolution." The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) was not amused by his stunt and fined "King Mo" for his attempts at "having fun." Anyone out there in MMA land offended by his colorful entrances and outspoken persona?

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