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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Hughes and Renzo Gracie have history

"Been some talk about Renzo and some people are wondering why I would fight him. I think he is a very formidable opponent and I would say he is the best of the Gracies. I don’t think it would be fair to compare him to Royce. Renzo and I have some history as he is the last guy to beat Pat Miletich and I have beat a couple of his students. I beat Ricardo Almeda back in Abu Dhabi and I just got done beating Matt Serra. Both motivating reasons for us to fight each other. One thing I’ll say about Renzo is that he is one of the nicest guys out there, but that won’t stop me from keeping myself motivated and doing my job."

-- Former welterweight champion Matt Hughes shares his reasons for accepting a bout with mixed martial arts legend Renzo Gracie at the upcoming UFC 112 event in Abu Dhabi on April 10, 2010. And it's not because Hughes beat up his cousin, Royce, at UFC 60 back in May 2006. Renzo -- who is six years Hughes' elder -- has competed just three times in the last four years and has not seen action since a disqualification win over Frank Shamrock in early 2007. Hughes, on the other hand, has been more active of late, but has dropped three of his last five. So will this quasi "grudge match" have what it takes to excite the fans or will it just be another opportunity for Hughes to perhaps ignite his career over another legendary, and perhaps fading fighter, like Royce?

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