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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10: Final episodes recap and discussion


The final episodes of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 10 are now underway and Dana White is still fuming over Matt Mitrione's inability to make a decision about fighting in the quarterfinals. With that, he immediately calls Kimbo Slice into his office to gauge his desire to fill in should "Meathead" throw in the towel.

Well, ever since Kimbo got marshmallowed out of the competition by Roy Nelson in episode three, all we've heard from the former YouTube star was how badly he wanted a second chance at TUF stardom. He would Hulk-up and blow steam from his nose like an angry bull whenever a fellow fighter fell ill.

Then White presents it as a real possibility, only to have Kimbo stutter and stammer his way through a bunch of excuses about not fighting at 100-percent and having knee pain and blah, blah, blah. The doctor examines him and offers a cortisone shot to relieve him of the pain but since Kimbo is afraid of needles it's kind of a moot point.

So after all that jazz, Kimbo passes on the chance to fight again because he's only at 40-percent and taking a bout against McSweeney "wouldn't be the smart thing to do."

Turns out it doesn't matter, since Mitrione wakes up on the day of his deadline and feels great. He tries to pass it off as the doctor's decision to give him the green light but Coach Rashad knows Meathead had the go-ahead to fight two days ago. McSweeney is thrilled to hear the news and looks to exact a little bit of revenge.

Mitrione then goes on to admit most of it was an act. Partly to get into the head of James McSweeney and partly to keep himself entertained. At this point I'm not sure what to believe but it does make me just a bit more grateful that this season is coming to a close.

Back at the house we get the haunting piano solo and lo and behold Scott Junk shows up at the house with post-op sunglasses on. Uh-oh. Turns out he suffered severe retina damage in his fight against Mitrione (eye poke) and could face blindness if he continues fighting. Junk vows to keep visiting different doctors until he finds one that says he can fight.

Marcus Jones gets wind of the bad news and has a complete and utter meltdown. His solution is to go batshit on Matt Mitrione for jerking everyone around for the past week with his phantom medical woes. Jones was probably bottling up his emotions all season and it just happened to boil over now, but it was still entertaining to see him go nose-to-nose with Meathead.

Good thing Jones didn't murk the unsuspecting Mitrione because the next day Junk gets good news from the doctor and he may be able to fight again after all.

Official weigh-ins get underway and it's Mitrione at 256 vs. McSweeney at 229. Dana gives his predictions for the fight which are never right so I'm betting the house on McSweeney - who sends a little message with a quick shove after they tip the scales.

Mitrione, in what can only be described as a bad omen, will be cornered by Roy Nelson. McSweeney, naturally, has most of Team Evans in his corner.

Quarterfinal elimination fight #3: Matt Mitrione (2-0) vs. James McSweeney (3-3)

Round 1: Outside leg kick by McSweeney. Another. High kick misses. Lots of dancing around by both men. A quick throw of hands and each fighter backs away. An inside low kick by McSweeney. Then an outside low kick and he eats a jab. Mitrione charges with a combination but McSweeney shrugs it off. They exchange kicks. Mitrione slings leather but gets nothing. Nice front kick connects for McSweeney. Mitrione blocks a high kick and McSweeney cracks him with a right. Mitrione catches a leg kick and blasts McSweeney for his efforts. At close range, they tee off but nothing solid connects. They back away and then tie up. McSweeney scores a single leg takedown. Mitrione looking for an ankle lock but McSweeney spins into side control. Mitrione powers out but stands up right into a textbook guillotine. McSweeney jumps into the hold and Meathead taps rather quickly.

James McSweeney defeats Matt Mitrione via submission (guillotine choke)

After the fight Rashad criticizes Mitrione for tapping so quickly. Meathead does a fair share of swearing but doesn't really seem that broken up over the loss. He does however; admit to tapping out "like a bitch."

We get right back into the action as Marcus Jones prepares for his quarterfinal fight against Darrill Schoonover. "Titties" warns the haters not to underestimate him and that he plans on setting up "a big right hand."

No weigh-ins, just right to the cage.

Quarterfinal elimination fight #4: Marcus Jones (4-2) vs. Darrill Schoonover (10-0)

Round 1: Punishing outside leg kick by Jones scoots Schoonover back a few steps. Jones immediately clinches and throws him to the mat like a rag doll. Jones uses his size to throw one leg over the head of Schoonover and punch him at the same time. Schoonover trying valiantly to escape but the power of Jones is just too much. Rape choke! Jones postures up and starts raining down blows. Schoonover, out. Total dominance.

Marcus Jones defeats Darrill Schoonover via technical knockout (strikes)

After the fight, Coach Evans apologizes for underestimating "The Darkness" and admits he can fight. So too, does Dana White, who praises the performance of Jones. Schoonover takes the loss hard but vows to come back better than ever.

It's time for the semifinal announcements and after a not-so-lengthy decision process Dana White pits Roy Nelson vs. James McSweeney and Marcus Jones vs. Brendan Schaub. He also manages to sneak in another potshot on "Big Country."

Each fight will be three, five-minute rounds.

Naturally no TUF episode would be complete without a few minutes of bickering between Rashad and "Rampage" so the two start jawing (again) and have to be separated (again).

Afterward, Marcus Jones and Coach Jackson are working on their fight strategy. Simply put, it's get Schaub to the ground and keep him there. While they're busy blueprinting, Zak Jensen is busy getting locked in the bathroom by James McSweeney.

It starts in good fun, but we learn Jensen is claustrophobic. That causes him to freak out and bum rush McSweeney with a barrage of bitch-slaps. McSweeney responds with a tight guillotine that stops Jensen dead in his tracks.

Good times.

Coach Evans shows up at the house to help the remaining contestants from his team "visualize" their upcoming fights. Roy Nelson plays the odd man out and says that Rashad is not his coach and it's him against the rest of the team. Wes Sims helps McSweeney get psyched up by reading Ultimate Poetry.

Semifinal fight #1: Roy Nelson (13-4) vs. James McSweeney (3-3)

Round 1: Nipple tweak! Nelson with a nice combo. Hard right grazes for McSweeney. Again. Body kick by McSweeney. Nelson shoots and lands in a guillotine. Nelson pops out and McSweeney scurries away from the cage. Nice leg kick by McSweeney. Left lands for McSweeney. Then another. McSweeney getting cocky and sticks his chin out. Nelson answers with a thundering right. McSweeney is rocked. Nelson quickly shoots and takes him down. Nelson pins the arm and expertly works for position until the dreaded belly crucifix is achieved. Marshmallows start flying. McSweeney unable to escape and Mazzagatti is forced to stop it.

Roy Nelson defeats James McSweeney via technical knockout (strikes)

After the fight, Dana White finally gives "Big Country" some respect for reaching the finals. McSweeney is dejected but hopes to learn from the experience.

Moving right along, we get some civil war drums as Brendan Schaub shadowboxes inside an empty cage. His plan is to let his hands go against Jones and not be so tentative like he was in his quarterfinal match up. He thinks he has the tools to go all the way.

Rashad and Rampage pick up right where they left off, calling each other "bitch" over and over. It was so exhausting I was almost nostalgic for the Ken vs. Tito arguments from Season 3. Twenty-five minutes to go, I can make it.

Coach Jackson really wants Marcus Jones to make it to the finals. Not because he believes in "Big Baby," but because he wants to save face against Rashad and not be embarrassed that the Dec. 5 Finale will be represented exclusively by Team Evans.

Now we get Gladiator drums as Jones bobs and weaves out on the balcony in preparation for the fight. Schaub admits his fight against "The Darkness" won't last long as they both have two stoppages coming into the bout.

Semifinal fight #2: Brendan Schaub (4-0) vs. Marcus Jones (4-2)

Round 1: Schaub lets the hands go and Jones clinches and pushes him to the floor. Jones immediately into side control. Jones looking for the big punch but Schaub defending well. Jones postures and Schaub uses the break to scramble out. As soon as he hits his feet he lets the hands fly again but Jones avoids the onslaught. Back to the center of the cage and Jones shows zero head movement. As a result, he eats a Schaub right and collapses. Schaub pounces, rape chokes him and rains down bombs. Josh Rosenthal lets the punishment go on a bit too long and finally rescues the fallen fighter.

Brendan Jones defeats Marcus Jones via technical knockout (strikes)

After the fight, Jones contemplates hanging up the gloves for good. Rampage waits until the last fight of the season to actually say something coach-like. Better late than never I suppose.

Now it's official, Brendan Schaub vs. Roy Nelson for the Dec. 5 TUF 10 Finale. Who do you like? And what did you think of Season 10? Dana White called it a "great season." Do you agree?

Let's hear it in the comments section below.

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