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TUF 10: Was Kimbo Slice merely a decoy for the Roy Nelson 'Big Country' marketing machine?


Props: MMA Manifesto


"I believe I'd very competitive with the top heavyweights right now.  I think that's the reason why the UFC did their marketing with me and Kimbo.  We're the most watched show on Spike.  I was in three of the top 10 (most) watched cards in MMA history.  So it's one of those things that I think that definitely (they) marketed me to make sure I was shown to the UFC fans and the public so they could just throw me in right with the other guys. The only guy that I ever had my eye on when I chose to go to the UFC was whoever had the belt - that was Brock at the time.  It's pretty much whoever is the man to beat.  Those are always my goals.  And then after I get that goal then the next one is to kind of spread the wings and just fight whoever I haven't fought yet just to see how I prepare.  The thing about once you're at this level it is about styles in matches.  My thing is I always want to be very competitive and fight the best in the world so even if they're not the champ I always just want to challenge myself and fight the guys that I thought were legends, all the way from a Randy (Couture) to a (Antonio Rodrigo) Nogueira - there's guys that you just want to fight."

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 winner Roy Nelson believes he was purposely matched against Kimbo Slice on Episode 3 of the Spike TV reality series to help the masses become more familiar with his brand of corpulent cage fighting. "Big Country" stopped the former Elite XC attraction via buffet tongs after using his prodigious girth to secure the bearded brawler in an iron-clad crucifix. A staggering 6.1 million viewers tuned in to watch the two heavyweights throw down and Nelson was panned for his play-it-safe strategy to boot Slice from the competition. Was he purposely plopped into a ratings bonanza for future marketability against the promotion's top stars? Or did Dana White hope that his least favorite contestant would get KTFO? Opinions?

(Thanks to Watch Kalib Run for the tip)

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