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UFC Quick Quote: Kenny Florian doesn't want to fight any wimps


"I just want to face the top guys. I would just love to face one of the top guys hopefully in March; maybe on the New Jersey show. Maybe we can do it in New Jersey and get one in before the UFC comes to Boston. Hopefully I can get one in March. That way I can stay on pace for every 3 or 4 months. I want to stay active man. I think that's when I am at my best and I just want it to be against someone tough."

-- Fresh of his UFC 107 submission win over Clay Guida on Dec. 12, Kenny Florian tells that he doesn't want to get lost in the mix or lose momentum by fighting up-and-comers with something to prove or mid-level fighters who are not in the title hunt. In fact, "KenFlo" wants to continue on his quest for another shot at lightweight gold. Is a potential rematch with Diego Sanchez on the horizon? Aside from both getting tooled by BJ Penn, they've already faced off in 2005, when the "Nightmare" captured the TUF crown via TKO. Anyone want to see the rematch?

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