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UFC Quick Quote: Leave Tiger Woods alone, goofballs


"I'm sick of hearing guys talking about it and two-faced holier-than-thou goofball talk about Tiger Woods. You know what, you want to talk about Tiger Woods? Talk about when's he playing next, what's his new training regimen. What he's doing on his private time, who gives a shit. Leave him alone. We leave in a freak-show country now, it drives me crazy. I don't even watch the news or listen to anything and I'm hearing it. It just gets old, man. Leave the kid alone. He made a mistake. We're all human, we make mistakes. Let him fix things with his wife and take care of his family. We love to build people up in this country and then tear them down, man. That's what we love to do."

-- UFC President Dana White last night showed his support for the world's best golfer, Tiger Woods, during the UFC 107: "Penn vs. Sanchez" post event press conference, donning a cap and telling reporters he's heard enough about his off the links extramarital exploits. Woods is currently embroiled in a salacious headline-grabbing controversy with about 10 women who have stepped forward to reveal affairs, which has shocked just about everyone who followed his seemingly squeaky clean career. It's a huge media story that likely won't go away anytime soon, much to the chagrin of White.

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